Numberbender Goes to Hawaiii


presenting at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Teaching Colleges & Communities (TCC) Worldwide Conference hosted it’s first “onsite” conference in E-Learning at University of Hawaii in Manoa.  I am one of the participants of this collaboration of brilliant education technology educator last March18-21.

I presented my research on flipped classroom and its positive effect on students attitude towards mathematics to educators who attended the TCC conference.

This is my 4th time presenting my research on flipped classroom since I started using my website as the venue of my math flipped classroom.  With Dr. Criselda Toto of Chapman University as my co-author, we never expected that this will bring us so much mileage in sharing our research to the world.

Thank you TCC for the wonderful reception.  Hawaii is indeed the island paradise but it’s the people who welcomed me and made me feel like attending a family reunion made the difference.  Mahalo everyone and ’till we meet again.