9 Campuses and 16 Presentations, in just 4 weeks in the Philippines!


Aside from swimming in the pristine waters of Coron, Palawan and experiencing the eclectic vibe of Boracay.  I managed to add in to my schedule a campus visit to some high schools and universities in my summer trip to the Philippines. 

June 9, 2016 (De La Salle University): I sent an email to Professor Coleandrino from the College of Education and she immediately said yes and gathered 2 of her undergraduate classes to be my first group of audience on my campus tour. Most of them are elementary education majors and yet they are all ears on all my classroom experiences teaching calculus and statistics in California.  


June 14, 2016 (am) (AMA Computer College, Senior High School) This was the first time I presented numberbender to a group of high school students and I had a great time showing them what numberbender can offer them in their math homework. Most of them watched Khan Academy in YouTube and it greatly helped them in working out some math solutions in their homework.  When I showed them my math videos in Filipino, they are instantly convinced that numberbender will help them better since I speaking in their mother tongue.


June 14, 2016 (pm) (De La Salle - College of St. Benilde) Right after my 3-hour gig in AMACC, I went straight to CSB for my afternoon presentation with their faculty of the Department of Mathematics.  Professor Blay was very accommodating when I sent her an email if I can present my research and website to her department.  Presenting numberbender to fellow educators was a great experience especially speaking to college instructors who are teaching the same discipline as me. 

June 16, 2016 (Xavier School) Xavier school is home of the 3 wonderful Philippine based ADE's (Apple Distinguished Educators) The purpose of my visit to Xavier is to meet fellow ADE whom I've been in contact with since my induction to this institution. Jim Tuscano toured me around their grade school campus and introduced me to some of the teachers heads in his department.  He then took me to the high school department where I met Jade and Jessica, 2 other ADE's in the same school.  I also had the pleasure of meeting most of their math teachers at the high school.  It was a brief acquaintance party of some sort and I still able to share with them numberbener.com

June 22, 2016 (Cebu Technological University) I always include Cebu as one of my travel destinations whenever I visit the Philippines.  This time, it's extra special since CTU welcomed me with so much gusto.  I really felt the Cebuano hospitality in my visit to this city. Dr. Delos Reyes gave me the opportunity to share my research and numberbender to their graduate and undergraduate students in the College of Education. 

June 24, 2016 (am) (AMACC) After my presentation to their high school department, AMA invited me again to their "Family Day" and talk to the parents about AMA's inclusion of the blended learning model to their curriculum. 


June 24, 2016 (pm) (DLSU Graduate School of Education) This is one of the best audience I had in my month long campus tour in the Philippines.  Speaking to graduate students of education was a rewarding experience especially after doing my 45-minute presentation.  The Q&A lasted for more than 30 minutes and it goes to show that teachers in the Philippines are also interested in trying the flipped classroom model. Dr. Voc was very gracious of his time and even made an effort of reading my previous work to introduce me to the 60+ teachers/students in that Saturday afternoon. 

June 27, 2016 (De La Salle - Zobel) DLS-Zobel is one of the Apple Distinguished Schools in the Philippines.  I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Winnie in my visit to Zobel who happens to be an ADE too.  I presented numberbender to their technology and math departments. Mr. Cesar De Guzman and I had a conversation prior to my presentation about some of the teachers' skepticism on implementing the flipped classroom model in their instruction. I hope that from my 1 hour interaction with them, I was able to made them reconsider giving flipping another chance. 

June 28, 2016 (Colegio San Agustin - Makati) I was invited to speak to CSA's high school math department. Sharing my experiences in flipping gave them an insight on how to use technology in their own classroom.  This was also the first time that my partner in research, Dr. Criselda Toto, watched my presentation on our flipped classroom research.  

July 1, 2016 (Lourdes School - QC) The last of the 9 schools that I visited during my summer vacation in the Philippines.  This is certainly one of the most memorable and heart warming experience among the schools that I visited during my holiday.  I started my day visiting Ms. Mangaliman's math classes. Ma'am Eyen was my classmates in college and also one of the few who pursued teaching mathematics in the Philippines. After introducing my website to her math students, I was quickly escorted to their Audio/Visual center to share with the entire high school faculty the innovations that I have been doing in my math classes.