in June Issue of Asian Journal


Asian Journal is the leading newspaper in the US which brings news about the Filipinos in the US. Huge thanks to Ms. Agnes Constante for highlighting my work as a teacher here in Barstow, California.

Being a teacher was not I aspire to be when I was growing up. Math had been my waterloo ever since I can remember and one of the traumatizing experiences I had in high school was presenting my project in front of the class. The signs were pretty obvious that I was not destined in a profession which involves number and speaking. I was convinced back then that I will never be a math teacher.

Looking back on the struggles that I had as a student, I still don’t know how I got this far in this profession. It’s undeniable that I was not a brilliant mathematician nor a passionate aspiring teacher back then. I was not a Tiffany Uy (GWA 1.004) or a John Gabriel Pelias (GWA 1.016) who graduated summa cum laude with the highest GPA in their respective class. What I knew at that time was there’s a tiny little voice, telling me that someday, I could be a rockstar!

Here’s the link of the full article written by Ms. Constante:
Filipino Math Teacher in Barstow Recognized for Teaching Method