Teacher of the Year, ADE 2015


I have been teaching in Barstow High School for almost a decade now and not once have I been nominated as BHS’ Teacher of the Year. I was really surprised when I received an email from Mr. Delton and my name was one of the 9 nominees in the list.  The nomination came quick and the winner came quicker, the next day Mrs. Schiele texted me during the 7th period congratulating me for winning this year’s TOY award. I was happy– really happy.  I didn’t even know what to feel that time.  All I knew was I had a pile of AP stats and AP calc FRQ’s to read and grade and I was still happy about it.

I must have done something really good that week that the great news didn’t stop there.  It was my last class of the day and I was just waiting for my night school students to finish working on their tasks when Mr. Ostrander came by with Lala holding a huge cake and a box of cookies for the class.  I have never felt appreciated in my career as a teacher and the surprise party is indeed an icing on the cake… untill I received an email from Apple:

I lost it there… I believed I shed a drop of tear when I was reading the whole letter.  I read it 10 times and still can’t believe that I got accepted in the program.  I was really hopeful and yet I was also prepared that I might get rejected from this program.  Especially soon after I read blogs about how picky the selection committee is in awarding teachers to be one of their ADE’s (Apple Distinguished Educator).  I am just really humbled and grateful of all the opportunities that just opened for me in becoming one of the teachers to have this title on their names.

Thank you to everyone who’s been a great influence to me through out the years that I taught in Barstow.  I would never be in this position in my career as an educator without these people.  I am just really grateful that I am surrounded with great minds who help me bring out the best in me as a teacher.

Here’s my Apple Distinguished Educator Application Video for the class of 2015:


“The Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) Program began in 1994, when Apple recognized K-12 and higher education pioneers who are using a variety of Apple products to transform teaching and learning in powerful ways. Today it has grown into a worldwide community of over 2,000 visionary educators and innovative leaders who are doing amazing things with Apple technology in and out of the classroom. Apple is pleased to welcome Peter Esperanza to the ADE Class of 2015.  Learn more about this group of innovative educators online at http://www.apple.com/education/apple-distinguished-educator .”