8.6 Computing For Confidence Interval For Population Proportion and Determining Desired Sample Size


This lesson on inferential statistics shows you how to compute for the confidence interval of population proportion and calculating the desired sample size for estimated proportion at a given confidence level. In calculating for the estimation of the parameter of the given proportion, the rule of thumb or the conditions must be satisfied so you can use the Normal approximation formula.

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This lesson shows you how to calculate the confidence interval for population proportion. Writing and verifying if the 3 conditions for confidence interval have been satisfied is important in your work for confidence interval.

p-hat ± z* (√(pq / n) )

  • 01:18 1.) Writing parameter of interest or population parameter
  • 01:58 2.) Verifying conditions
  • 04:06 3.) Calculating the confidence interval
  • 06:55 4.) Writing the conclusion.

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