Lesson 40: Simplifying Exponential Expressions and Laws of Exponents


Lesson on simplifying algebraic expressions using the laws of exponents. As long as these laws can still be applied, the expressions are not yet in their simplified form. These laws are vital in algebra as they are used in basic and higher mathematics. 

3:20 (5x)^0
3:38 (2x)(x)
4:07 (m^3)(m)
4:40 (2x^2)^3
5:20 (5xy)(3x^2 y^3)
6:25 2x^2 (3x^4 y^3)
7:29 2y^9 / 2y^3
8:03 (x^2 / y^5)^3 
8:45 x^5 y^5 / y^2

Lesson module on laws of exponents: http://www.numberbender.com/lesson/mo... 


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