5.6 Probability Using a Two-way Table, Venn Diagram, and Tree Diagram


This statistics lesson shows you how to answer probability questions using different methods: two-way table, Venn diagram, and tree diagram. Answering probability question is easier if you can visualize the problem better. These methods will help you answer probability questions if you can illustrate the experiment using any of the visuals.

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This lesson shows how to use a Tree Diagram, 2-Way Table, and Venn Diagram in answering some probability and conditional probability questions. In computing for probability, it's alway easier when you construct a visual of the given information to help you in understanding the problem. Here are some of the techniques on how to answer probability questions in statistics.

  • 01:08 1. Conditional Probability Using a 2-Way Table
  • 05:35 2. Using a Venn Diagram
  • 09:36 3. Using a Tree Diagram

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