Lesson 59: Simplifying Radicals And Radical Expressions (Factor Tree)


Lesson on simplifying radical expressions. In simplifying, understand the parts of the radicals -- index, radicand, and radical sign. Understanding the parts of the radicals allows the simplification of the radical expressions to go smoothly. Certain methods are used to simplify radicals.

1:54 sqrx^4
2:47 cbrtx^8
4:37 sqr(6x^2 y^4)
5:22 2x cbrt2xy^2
7:03 (sqr3) (sqr5)
7:24 (sqr4)(sqr3)
7:55 (sqr12)( sqr10)

Lesson module on simplifying radical expressions: http://www.numberbender.com/lesson/mo... 


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