Lesson 16: Trigonometric Form of a Complex Number [ z= r (cosX+i sinX) ]


Lesson on graphing complex numbers using its real part and imaginary part, finding the absolute of complex numbers, and converting complex numbers in their trigonometric forms. In graphing for the complex number, the x axis is where the real parts should be and the y-axis is where the imaginary parts should be. Finding the absolute value of the complex numbers is basically distance of the complex numbers from the point of origin. In converting the complex number in its trigonometric form, keep in mind that a complex number is equal to r (cos + isin).

2:05 Find the absolute value of (3+2i)
2:40 Between (-2+5i) and (1-6i), which one is closer to the point of origin?
4:46 Convert 4+3i in its trigonometric form
6:58 Given 3-5i : (1) Graph the complex number, (2) Find its absolute value, and (3) convert it in its trigonometric form. 

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